Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Squirrel and The Woodchuck

The other morning after I had put out fresh water for all the critters along with some treats for the squirrels and the woodchucks, I was petting my next-door neighbor's cat, Tigger, when I saw the woodchuck coming around the corner of the shed.  To my surprise, the woodchuck would stop and look and then just kept on coming.  My arm was moving the entire time because I was still petting Tigger and I was also turning my head to see where the woodchuck was every once in a while.  Finally I just kept looking at the woodchuck to see how close he would get because I was standing just a couple feet from the food I had just put out.  Maybe my staring was what did it, but it was like a light bulb went off and it suddenly realized there was a person standing there.  All of a sudden he turned around and just kept moving its little legs as fast as it could to get the heck out of there.  It cracked me up because it reminded me of the cartoons you see of  legs moving a mile a minute with the sound effects, but the cartoon not moving.  I had a smile on my face all the way to work.

Well, this morning the woodchuck was back again getting a little braver and more used to seeing me and it did come to the food while I was standing by the porch.  I so wished I had a camera.  This time it stayed a couple minutes, grabbed a mini-carrot and then left.  I quick ran into the house to get my camera and went back outside to see if the woodchuck would return so I could get some photos.  Yep, it did!

Some of these photos are cropped so it looks like I'm standing closer than I actually am.  I was so happy to get some photos that weren't taken through a door or window that didn't have a screen or reflection of the glass in them.

I took a few pictures and then I went back inside.  I kept looking out the door to see where it was.  Then I noticed a squirrel was also on the prowl for some goodies.  I have been putting the squirrel treats on the porch because I noticed the other day that the woodchuck would come over and steal some squirrel goodies when I put all the food on the patio.  The woodchuck can be intimidating to the smaller squirrel.  I opened the screen door and put some nuts and sunflower seeds out on the porch.  Smart woodchuck that it is, noticed this and the next thing I knew the woodchuck was on the porch still getting the goodies meant for the squirrel!

Hey, that's mine!!!

The squirrel couldn't get up the nerve to grab a bite with the woodchuck still there, so it decided to go investigate the pile of chuckie goodies.  The woodchuck saw this and immediately got off the porch and ran over to its food.  The squirrel then came back to the porch, but wasn't brave enough with me standing there to grab a quick bite.  Back came the woodchuck to claim more spoils.  Finally it had had its fill I suppose and went back to the chuckie food.  By this time the squirrel had run up into the tree.  It waited for a few minutes and then finally came back to the porch and was rewarded for its patience.

Their antics kept me entertained most of the morning!