Sunday, October 9, 2016


by Carolyn Clarke

You're swimming in it.
You're surrounded by it.

It is within you.
It is without you.

It is literally in the air that engulfs you, every whiff of pine forest, every jasmine blossom, every romantic Indian spice.
Flood your lungs, drown in it.

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It is in every nerve ending, every cell, every thought, every smell.
Be still, listen to your heart beat, feel the blood rush through your veins.

It is in every grain of sand, every blade of grass, in all the earth beneath your feet.
Let it seep between your toes, and through your soles.

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It is in every butterfly's kiss, every breeze that brushes your face, every soft velvet flower petal.
Feel it vibrate against your skin, embrace it.

It is in every raindrop on your face, every gurgling brook, every rushing river, every ocean wave.
Fill your glass, drink it in.

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It is in every ray of sun, every star that twinkles, every cloud that forms, every rainbow after a storm.
Open your curtains, take in the view.

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It is in every wolf wail, every sparrow song, every goose honk, every rush of bird wings, every whisper of falling snow.
Open your ears and listen to the symphony.

Life doesn't pass you by.

You pass by it if you're not paying attention.